Disc Golf Unchained Instructions

Just like the sport it’s based on, there is a lot to Disc Golf Unchained. Please take a look over these instructions for the game if you are having any trouble.

Main Menu

*Tap Play to play Disc Golf Unchained
*Tap the gear icon to enter your Data, Touch, and Audio Settings
*Tap the info icon to access the game credits and instructions
*Tap the Patreon logo to go to our funding/donation website

System Options

*Data- Reset player data (NOTE: Do not use this reset unless you want to delete all game progress)
*Audio- Change volume settings for music and sound effects
*Touch- Adjust the touch sensitivity for controls
*Restore IAP- Restore non-consumable in app purchases (e.g. Ad removal IAP)

Play Menu

*Tap the Head To Head Multiplayer Button to play head to head.
*Use the Home/Gear/Throw tabs to navigate the menus
*Tap the Player options button to set your throw preferences
*Purchase attributes using in-game coin
*Remove ads for the lifetime of the game by tapping the “Remove Ads” button (IAP)
*Purchase in-game currency using app store account with the “Feeling Lazy?” button (IAP)
*Tap “Connect” on the bottom bar to connect to Google Play Games. Submit scores to leaderboards to compares scores with other players
*Tap the crown icon to view leaderboards and access Google Play Games

Head to Head Multiplayer Menu

*Click Quick Match to find a random opponent.
*Click ‘Send Invite’ to invite a friend using their Gamer ID.

Gear Menu

*Tap “My Discs” to see the discs currently in your bag
*Tap “Pro Shop” to purchase new discs

My Discs
*Swipe to scroll through discs
*Tap the expand icon under any disc to see disc details or to trash the disc
*Filter disc properties to search faster by tapping the filter icon
*Use the star icon on any disc to select it as a default driver, fairway driver, midrange, or putter

Pro Shop
*Swipe to scroll through discs
*Tap the expand icon under any disc to see disc details or to buy the disc
*Filter disc properties to search faster by tapping the filter icon

Throw Menu

*Tap the Game Mode button to toggle between Practice Round and Quick Play
*Tap Go when you are ready to throw

*Use the arrow buttons to scroll through available courses
*Weather settings are not currently available at this time
*Scores button shows high scores for each tee/pin position on every course.  Scroll through courses using left/right arrows

Quick Play
*Use the arrow buttons to scroll through available biomes or choose random biome
*Weather settings are not currently available at this time

*Tap the Tee/Basket button to select your tee/pin configuration
*Use in-game coin to unlock long tee and pin positions

Hole Preview Screen

*Tap the camera button to flyover the current hole
*Tap the forward button to throw hole
*Tap the back button to quit

Throw Setup Screen

*Your HUD on the top of the screen displays hole, round, and player details
*Tap the back button to quit
*Tap the disc button in the lower left to enter your bag

My Bag
*Swipe to scroll through discs
*Tap the expand icon under any disc to see disc details or to equip the disc
*Filter disc properties to search faster by tapping the filter icon
*Use the star icon on any disc to select it as a default driver, fairway driver, midrange, or putter

Main controls
*Select your throw direction by dragging one finger across screen
*Twist two fingers to change the disc release angle
*Use the lean slider under the throw meter  to lean around obstructions
*Pinch and pull with two fingers to zoom
*Drag the power meter button to select your target power
*Use the buttons above the power bar to toggle between Backhand/Sidearm, Power/Control, Drive/Approach/Putt
*Tap the Check button to enter the Throw Screen

Throw Screen

*Tap the back button to return to Throw Setup Screen
*Tap the target button to toggle between triple-click and swipe throwing systems

*Tap the Check button once to start the throw slider
*Tap a second time at your target power to determine throw power
*Tap a third time at the starting point to determine throw accuracy

*Swipe from bottom to top of screen to throw
*Throw power is determined by acceleration and distance of swipe
*Throw accuracy is determined by how straight the swipe is


*Tap the camera button to toggle camera view

After the throw/hole

*Tap forward arrow after disc lands to proceed to next shot
*Review your scorecard while waiting for the next hole to load

After Round

*Review your round on the scorecard
*Tap “Submit Score” to  submit your score to Google Play Games (NOTE: Score will submit if you have previously connected to Play Games. If not connected, you will be prompted to do so.)

Download Links

Android – Google Play Store

Apple iOS – iTunes Store 

Supported Devices

Android: Jellybean 4.1 and up

Apple iOS:

Gameplay FAQ

Why are my discs suddenly not flying like they used to? They only go straight for a short distance.
You are experiencing a severely worn discs. Each disc has a wear meter, and as they break in, they get flippier. When they get to a certain point, thediscs are essentially “nerfed” and exhibit the properties you are experiencing. Try picking a different disc or grabbing a new one in the Pro Shop.  That should take care of things.  There are also multiple plastic types with better wear ratings available as you level up your character. Keep an eye out for Mid and Premium grade plastic.

I tried to make an in-app purchase (IAP), but it is not working. What do I do next?
Disc Golf Unchained is a work in progress. We are consistently adding more IAP to enhance gameplay. Occasionally, there may be bugs with the IAP that we didn’t catch during testing. If you ever have any issues with any IAP, please get in touch with us ASAP. We are committed to making sure you get what you paid for in Unchained, and we will do everything in our power to resolve your issue. Just send us a message though our contact form at localroutelabs.com/report-a- bug. Give as much detail as you can, including whether you’re using Android or iOS and the specific IAP, you’re trying to purchase so we can pinpoint exactly what’s going on.

Why can’t I use roller, thumber, and tomahawk shots?
We plan on adding all of the above-listed shots and more to Disc Golf Unchained, so rest assured, they are coming. Accurate flight modeling is the most important part of the game, but it is also one of the most time consuming and difficult development tasks to get right.  Rather than devote a significant chunk of our development time to creating flight physics for shots that are used infrequently at best, we  moved onto other tasks after creating accurate flight for the most common types of throws. Once we flesh out some other important aspects of the game, we will revisit our flight engine and hopefully get any shot you can imagine.

My throw controls vanished when it came time to putt. What happened and how do I fix it?
You may have accidentally tapped the target icon on the top left of the throw screen. This button toggles the swipe throw mechanic and the triple click mechanic.  Make sure you’re using your preferred throw style.

The game is a bit laggy in some spots. Is there anything I can do to improve performance?
Disc Golf Unchained requires a significant amount of your device’s resources to run smoothly. Try closing all background applications and clearing the game’s cache. Some older devices will have difficulty keeping up to the game’s  resource requirements, so even taking the steps above may not do the trick. We apologize, but we are creating a realistic disc golf simulation, and realistic simulations require realistic environments to be effective. Some lagginess can be encountered even on newer devices. If the game has been running smoothly up until a certain point, please take note of when/where the lad occurs and let us know. There are a few spots throughout the game that need to be optimized, and your input will help us identify those rough spots.

I made an In App Purchase (IAP) to remove ads. Why am I seeing ads again?
Go to the first menu you see when you start the game up and click the gear icon on the lower left, then tap the Restore IAP button. Restart your device and ads should be removed.

How does Multiplayer work?
For the first version of multiplayer we’re keeping it simple with 2 person head-to-head matchups on a single random hole in the Wooded Hills biome using the white/white tee pad positions. There 2 ways to find an opponent; Quick Match will pair you with a random opponent , or you can invite another player using their Google Play Gamer ID using the Send Invite feature. To see your invites, select the Invites button in the Multiplayer Lobby. If you have an invite, select See More, scroll down on the next page, and select Accept.

How does Multiplayer scoring work?
For the first version of multiplayer we’re using a match based scoring system based on skins. A point will be awarded to the player with the fewest strokes on any given hole. Ties result in no points being awarded. While we plan on adding full scorecards, for now points will accumulate over each session until one of the players leaves the room. The winner of each hole will receive an extra coin in addition to both players receiving the normal coin payouts for pars, birdies, and aces.

What if I encounter problems matching up with other players?
First off, try restarting your game in case it’s a connection issue. Make sure you’re connected to Game Services in order for multiplayer to work, the game should connect you to Games Services but if it doesn’t connect, use the Game Services button on the Play Menu to enable them. If you’re still having problems, please send us a report at http://www.localroutelabs.com/report-a-bug/

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